Portable Blast Freezers

PT PEPECO, Portable Blast Freezers | Rapid Shock Freezing Units. Take control of your production costs by bringing your blast freezing in-house with our portable blast freezers.

  1. High quality blast freezers and freezer containers
  2. Hire periods from six months upwards with great price plans
  3. Call us now for a free, no obligation quote on +62 818 06672 857

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  1. Three sizes available depending on capacity requirements
  2. Freezes up to 2 tonnes in 36 hours
  3. No planning permission required
  4. Can be placed outside to free internal space
  5. Easily increase your blast freezing capacity
  6. 40ft and 45ft sizes are available
  7. Freezes up to 10 tonnes in 36 hours
  8. No planning permission required
  9. Can be placed outside to free internal space
  10. Bring blast freezing in-house without large overheads
  11. 44ft industrial shock freezer
  12. Freeze up to 20 tonnes in under 36 hours
  13. No planning permission required
  14. Can be placed outside to free internal space
  15. Take control of your manufacturing processes

To order your portable blast freezer for hire, rental, lease or purchase, contact our expert commercial freezer solution sales team now or ring us on +62 818 06672 857

  1. For chilled storage solutions try our mobile refrigerated containers
  2. Keep goods stored safely with our remote temperature monitoring systems

All of our premium blast freezing solutions include a range of key features at no additional charge for hire/rent or purchase.

  1. Easy open doors for hassle-free storage
  2. Easy clean stainless steel interiors
  3. Interior lighting for safety and convenience
  4. Man trap buttons for extra staff safety
  5. Sight and sound alarms for total peace of mind
  6. Smooth coated non-slip floors
  7. Low noise and cost effective refrigeration units

We can provide custom blast freezer solutions with additional access, tailored sizing etc. If you need assistance determining which cold store is right for you, contact our expert cold storage sales team today or ring us on +62 818 06672 857.

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